5 Areas Your Family Should Focus On!

5 Areas Your Family Should Focus On!
*** Why is it so hard to focus on this? ***

This is not an article about the different online opportunities out there or how much money you can make with whatever side hustle you choose. This is an article about a glimpse into the future and what the economic landscape has in store for YOU, the average Joe trying to look after his family.

It seems as if everywhere you turn doom and gloom is coming at you from every corner! Whatever you read or listen to or watch it's all about school shootings, petrol hikes, food price increases and WWIII is apparently around the corner!

It's enough to make any normal person scream for help! I mean where is this all going to end? It's as if the Final Countdown is playing in the background and we are all just waiting for the plug to be pulled, right?

Fortunately, there are a few things that we could focus on that would, not only help us not to feel so traumatized but also help us to fight back at this lost and dying world that is trying to steal our freedom.

Let's explore:

It is a fact that 'the system' needs you to be dependent on him. The more people are dependent on a government system the more powerful the behind-the-scenes system becomes. Which in effect then gives 'the system' total control over your life.

Once the system has got total control over your life it starts to manipulate you which in return leads to mental health problems and aggressive public behaviour in some cases. Some of the areas where the system normally bites you are:

  • finance
  • a false need for consumerism
  • electricity dependency
  • J.O.B scarcity

Let's take our freedom back, shall we?

Let's look at a few areas where we can fight back.

DEBT. (Get Out & Stay Out)

One of the biggest factors that keep most families awake at night. The big red monster that keeps on knocking. So easy to get into it, but so difficult to get out of it?

Or is it?

If you find yourself in a death debt spiral then listen up. The way to get out of debt starts in your mind. You have to make a decision in your mind and promise yourself that you will get out of this dark hole.

- Make a list of all the various places where you owe money.

- Contact all of them, be clear on the amount you owe, fight for a better % rate and agree on a minimum monthly payment.

- Pay one of the creditors as much as you can and the rest as little as you can.

- Sooner than later, one of the creditors will be paid off and then you increase another's payment.

- This is called a snowball debt repayment plan.

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MINIMALISM. (How much do you really need?)

When will you be happy? When you get the new shiny car? When you get the new bike, toy, dress, flat screen TV, new laptop, new couch, new outdoor furniture? Mmm, when?

Ask yourself this question; What do I really need? What does my family really need?

Our economic climate, coupled with our banana-republic political situation, is so unstable that very few families can afford to splash on luxuries. Unfortunately, some families cannot afford luxuries, BUT they buy those luxuries on CREDIT!! Focus people.

- Do you have 6 months of living expenses saved up in the bank?

- You don't? Oh well, then you are not allowed to even think about buying luxury items.

- It's just stuff people, just materialistic junk standing around in your garage and around the house.

- If you have not used something for 6 months, then sell it or give it to someone else that needs that item.

- I am not saying that you should go hard-core, just focus on what's really needed.

- There is FREEDOM in minimalism. Really, you should try it.

March 2020 will forever be remembered for the month in which ‘the old world’died and the ‘new-world-order’ was officially ushered in. It was the month inwhich we saw the birth of hundreds of conspiracy theories flying around on theinformation highway like evil bats looking for prey. March


This is kind of self-explainable. The bottom line is that the government grid is not reliable and cannot be trusted. It is highly recommended to have some sort of solar backup plan in your household. Yes, solar solutions are expensive, but you don't have to start with the bigger options.

- Start small and invest in budget friendly little solar panels that only run three globes and power a torch. (Easily ordered online)

- Buy a two-plate gas stove and a 9kg gas bottle.

- When load shedding happens then at least you have light and a warm dinner.

- If you can, then install a proper solar solution for your house.

- Invest in a proper 4 plate gas stove and backup gas bottles.

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VEGETABLE GARDEN. (Will the shop always be there?)

It is so easy to hop in your car and drive to Woolies or Spar for a quick bag of groceries and fresh produce, isn't it?

But, do you actually know how to grow your own? You see, the majority of city people are very soft and dependent on their government electricity and stocked-up convenience stores.

This is not a cool scenario. You have to start exploring ways to feed yourself.

Saying that you live in a small apartment is not an excuse. If you have a balcony and sunshine then at least it's a start. Grow tomatoes, herbs and maybe some carrots in a bucket, just start.

If you are lucky enough to have a big yard, then go big and turn it into a self-sustaining heaven. Make it a family affair and teach the kids how to feed themselves.

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SIDE HUSTLES. (Multiple sources of income)

My guess is that one of the reasons most South Africans are semi-traumatized is because they have a constant fear of becoming unemployed. Job security is not really relevant in our society and this leads to depression and other mental health issues.

If you fall into this category then you have two options:

Option 1:

- Bow down to the fear of becoming jobless and lie on the couch every weekend with a bottle of whiskey (that you bought with your nearly exhausted credit card) and complain to everyone around you that life is hard and unfair.

Option 2:

- Do everything in your power to pay off your debt.

- Get rid of unwanted junk around the house.

- Adopt a minimalist lifestyle.

- Invest in solar energy.

- Start a veggie garden in the back and teach your kids how to feed themselves.

- Visualize, create and kick-start a side-hustle business.

If you have a J.O.B and you don't have a side hustle (or two) then you could be heading for trouble. This should be your first priority:

- Get 6 months of living expenses in the bank. (And it's a lot easier when you are following a minimalist lifestyle)

- Start a side business.

- A side-hustle that could become a big thing in the future.

By doing the above your fear of becoming jobless in the future will be less and less. And even if you do get retrenched then you have solar lights, a veggie garden, a minimalist lifestyle AND two side-hustles that could sustain you for the immediate future.

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Life is absolutely crazy at the moment, but we have to soldier on. The bombardment of negative media will not stop, in fact it will increase. The way we handle that can make all the difference. Pressure situations bring out the best and the worst in people. Let us all be the people that project a positive attitude into the world.

- Petrol too expensive? Then drive less. Walk to the store or create lift clubs with your neighbors.
- Food prices too high? Well then, darling we are not having meat every night, ok?
- Too much month at the end of your money? Then opt for the veggie patch and not the whiskey, right?

My friends if you have the right mindset and you are interested in starting an online business but not sure how then check out the links below. I have a menu of helpful tools that could assist you in breaking free from the rut.

For now, go out in the world and be the best version of yourself.

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