Boot Your Boss & Build Your Own Empire!

Boot Your Boss & Build Your Own Empire!
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The Covid-19 pandemic pushed unemployment to record highs since March 2020 and is continuing to do so.

With certain sectors being hit harder than others, the entire 'job' landscape has been twisted, turned, and eventually completely reshaped. Hospitality industries such as events, cruises, restaurants, and hotels, being the hardest hit.

Despite these grim pictures of despair, there have been a few cases where companies saw explosive growth and needed to hire an additional workforce. Sadly though, we saw a big battlefield in the middle, littered with thousands of companies wounded badly and in dire need of expert medical advice. Companies that had to retrench 85% of their workforce and facing a daily struggle to survive. Every single 'employee' that is still fortunate enough to be employed by these struggling companies are very much aware of the fact that there is little to none so-called 'job security' and that they could be called in at any time to receive their 'package'.

Like sheep on their way to the abattoir, they accept their fate, lower their heads and blame the pandemic. Each retrenched victim most probably has two to three family members depending on their salary so it's not just one person being retrenched at a time, it's an entire family that will now look at life through a different lens.

Keeping this in mind, it is interesting to note that there has been a new thought pattern that was born out of the chaos of the pandemic. Many blue-collar workers became used to working from home with flexible hours and no commute to and from the office. With today's technology, this is possible and it seems as if employers have a struggle on their hands to lure their workforce back to the office.

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Many workers are tapping into the magic of their side hustles to such a degree that they are willing to trade their employers for the freedom of their online businesses. They are adamant NOT to return to the office and it is feared that the new buzzwords, 'The Great Resignation', might become a dark reality for big employers.

It seems that we are looking at parallel universes here. In the first one, there is massive unemployment and desperate people apply furiously for any JOB they can find to put food on the table and service their debt payments.

In the second universe, we find strong-willed, valuable employees that have tasted a working life without going to the office and they loved it. So much so, that they are willing to give up their paycheck and start building their empires.

This is what the residents of these two universes have in common. They are both able to shout, Carpe Diem! and become their own bosses, but somehow the one group are still of the opinion that there is security in a JOB. The fear of the unknown keeps them from leaving the security of Mama's Apron. (The employer's toxic spell)

Our world has changed. No longer does the Landlord appear to be the King of the industry, as it seems that there has been a shift of power. With thousands of corporate offices deserted and many residents moved out to the countryside, it very quickly became a renter's market.

At the same time, employers are fighting each other in the job market to secure top talent. The race is on to see who will give the star employee the best package and work career promise.

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On the flip side, the new wave of potential employees is asking if it's necessary to study for a 4-year degree or is it not better to become a master of a specific topic via online courses (within two months) and sidestep the entire, hyped-up university phase? In many cases, the billionaire business owner has no degree, but the majority of his top management does. Why does 'the system' funnel us to the thought pattern of becoming 'worker bees' and not business owners?

The question remains, do you want to be an employee?

Would you like to be self-employed, or would you like to be a business owner? Which one of these choices will give you the best security once you reach your golden years?

Think about this: The schooling system of the past has been designed to create 'workers' that would fit into the monetary system created by egocentric corporations. Not much emphasis was put on business skills and entrepreneurship. Things like: how to handle a credit card, how to not get screwed by the car salesman, how to buy your first property and how to NOT fall into a debt spiral. Very little to no teachings on these topics in our schools, right?

The reason; the system wants you to be a good little cubicle worker that is so badly in bondage to the debt demon (the bank) that you will never get out of the hole. That's a good little citizen.

You have fallen into a consumerism, debt-hell-hole with millions of others. It's hell, I know, I have been there. Fortunately, there is a way out, and it starts with a decision. A decision to be FREE.


As I said before, the internet has opened so many doors for entrepreneurs, it is amazing. You need to monetize yourself. Take your top 3 skills, talents, and passions, dust them off, polish them to a shine and create services, products, and courses from them. Solve a problem for someone else.

If you are currently employed, then stay employed while you are building your side hustle in the evenings and on weekends. With sheer determination and willpower, you will eventually be able to boot your employer and build your empire. Remember my friend, do not let social media run your life, you need to run social media. Monetize yourself and leverage social media to build your personal brand.

Anybody can start a business today.

If you're a grandmother receiving a pension, you could be the next success story. You could supplement your pension by asking your grandson to help you put an E-Recipe book together for the most delicious cakes of the last three decades. Snap a beautiful picture wearing your Sunday best and you will be a hit on social media with your digital product.

So, if she can do it, so can you.

Don't fall for the 'comfort' of the comfort zone. (Having a JOB) We all need to have side hustles – the future belongs to entrepreneurs.

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