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March 2020 will forever be remembered for the month in which 'the old world' died and the 'new-world-order' was officially ushered in. It was the month in which we saw the birth of hundreds of conspiracy theories flying around on the information highway like evil bats looking for prey. March 2020 was a dark month…

Jobs were lost, businesses closed down and the entire hospitality industry ground to a halt. An absolute unique period in the history of the world. A time when all airplanes were grounded and drones could take eerie footage of deserted city centers. A time of uncertainty and fear.

However, it did not take very long for thousands of conspiracy theories to start buzzing around on social media. Anything from the existence of lizard people, aggressive population control and the famous Bill Gates prediction of 2015 while giving a TED talk. In this talk, he said that the world is not prepared for a major pandemic and that instead of focusing on nuclear threats, the world should prepare for a pandemic. Did he know something the rest of the world did not?

Now we all know the truth about conspiracy theories, right? They are just conspiracy theories…although some of them did make us wonder.

During the last two years the global population was shoved into three groups:

1 – The people that were scared to death of this scary new virus, believed every word that the mainstream media was telling them and were wearing three masks at the same time even when alone in their cars. They believed that C19 was a natural event and the media was doing normal and honest reporting. They believed that vaccination was totally necessary and you should look down on people not wanting to vaccinate.

2 – Then we had the group of people that recognized the fact that there is a virus going around and it could be deadly to some people. They kept up their hygiene as normal and, although wearing masks, were not convinced that it helped to prevent the spread. This group could not care about vaccination or not and was happy to do it if it meant that they could travel again and just basically carry on with their lives.

3 – Lastly, we found the extreme conspiracy theorists that were convinced it was a 'plandemic' and that the government was out 'to get them'. These dudes hated the idea of vaccination and told anybody that would listen that the vaccine is a filled with nano-technology that would kill them from within once the 'government' flick the switch.

They believed that C19 was a complete man-made virus created for not only population control but ultimately controlling the masses.

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In the light of the above, let's look at some facts about the last two years:

December 2019 – WHO reported on apparent pneumonia cases in Wuhan.

January 2020 – WHO published their 'Disease Outbreak News', with info about a new virus.

January 2020 – The genetic sequence of Covid 19 was shared by China.

February 2020 – WHO releases a 'Strategic Preparedness Response Plan', for the world.

March 2020 - WHO declared the coronavirus (Covid19) a global pandemic.

March 2020 – The 'old world' was burned to a crisp and its ashes were scattered while the New World Order was announced to be in power. All under the disguise of a 'pandemic' of course…

By this time the mainstream media hopped on the bandwagon and started a massive campaign to ensure that average citizens were filled with panic and fear. Resulting in many mental health issues. There was more fake news going around than facts.

Lock-downs were at the order of the day and many feared martial law from their respective governments. A Scary time indeed, BUT, in all honesty also a massive opportunity for governments to take control of their citizens. So, whether the C19 was man-made or not, the governments were now presented with a golden opportunity to start controlling their citizens under the disguise of the pandemic and the Greater Good of all humanity….

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Not only did governments grabbed the opportunity but Mr Klaus Schwab from the WEF also jumped into action and was campaigning viciously to influence world leaders and get them to adopt the same thinking as the WEF. The agenda of Mr Schwab and his cronies? They call it; 'The Great Reset', an apparent brilliant vision born out of the destruction of the Covid pandemic. A Chance to transform the global economy, politics and of course our relationship with the environment.

A chance to re-look at how humans live their daily lives. In other words, they are looking at a way to have greater control. The question is who will have the control and who needs to be controlled? What do they need to implement this 'needful' control?

- Surveillance & Digital Id (RFID chip in your body)

- Finance (own nothing & be happy. ;-) the government will own everything)

- Scoring (social credit system)

- UBS (universal basic income)

During the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021, what was the single biggest asset that governments around the world received? DATA. To be more precise; YOUR DATA.

They recorded human behaviour for future use.

How did the fear of the virus affect the average citizen?

How obedient were the masses during the lock-downs?

How many riots were there?

Where were the hot spots and who were the biggest rebels against the system?

How quick were the vaccine roll-out and how much resistance did it get?

So what?

The data will tell them where to spend time and energy with the next 'plandemic'. What to avoid and who to bribe for silence. Whenever this phase rolls around, humanity will all be chipped and safely inserted into the social credit system. A system that will control where you go, what you buy, where you travel and with whom you associate. The biggest part of the social credit system will be over your finances…

Incoming: The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The current state of data-harvesting, automation and the inter-connectivity of the human race with Ai resulting in unemployment.

In the next few years, there will be a stronger push toward a global UBI (universal basic income). Massive automation, Ai and robotics will get rid of many, many worker-class jobs while the unemployment percentages worldwide will go through the roof. It is estimated that by 2030, 800M jobs will be lost due to automation. However, if your government is willing to pay you a monthly wage for doing nothing, then it will fix the unemployment statistic, right? Can you see where this is heading?

Your digital UBI will be paid into your government-approved bank account and you will only be able to use the 'funds' to shop at whatever shops your government approve. They will have absolute control. It will almost be like a New World Order… You will own nothing and be happy, right?

You see in a cashless, digital money society where everything is accessed via your digital identity (RFID chip) you need to stay in line because if you don't then your government could cut you off from the system with a keystroke. You need to be a good boy and do as your told, ok?

Coming to a country near you is a government that will know everything about you. Where you dine, where you shop, who you associate with, what you write and maybe what you think…. But, so what? Well, if your social credit score is in the red then they can prevent you from buying at certain shops or associating with certain individuals. They will control you like a puppet on a string...

Something else was frequently the topic of red-hot debates around dinner tables; Population Control. Some argued that the vaccine will be used to control the population. Others said it was nonsense but admitted that there are too many mouths to feed on the planet and something should be done. Others said that the New World Order will deal with the undesirables!

Well, who exactly would the undesirables be? The homeless, the addicts, the old and anybody else that would not want to accept the idea of a high and mighty one-world government. The same one-world government that will undoubtedly fight for the greater good of all humanity of course.

By 2030 your ability to have a 'normal' life will be gone, but then again what is a 'normal' life?

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What exactly are you able to do in order not to be part of this system? To be honest, there is not much that you could do to be completely cut off from this system. BUT there is a lot that you could do to only be semi part of the system and still keep one foot in the old world. You see, the vast majority of city folks are very soft. They don't know the first things about survival and their children believe that milk and bread grow overnight on supermarket shelves.

You see it could still be a few years before the next pandemic and before total government control. During this build-up to the next 'event', you could teach yourself to be less materialistic and focus on what matters: Survival in a post-pandemic world.

Are you dependent on a single salary or do you have multiple streams of income? Do you know how to live without electricity? Do you know how to grow fresh vegetables? Are you fit? Are you sober? Are you focused on not just survival but also on growing an off-grid community? This is what will matter, not your new designer couch.

Look, all is not lost, it's just complicated at the moment…

On the flip-side, tourism seems to be recovering worldwide and tour operators are becoming cautiously optimistic about the future. However, at the same time the world is dealing with a dictator that wants the USSR back, the Israeli–Palestinian conflict is flaring up as always and it seems as if the dude from North Korea is once again flexing his muscles and showing off his weapons of mass destruction.

Whether the Covid19 pandemic was a natural event or man-made makes absolutely no difference. What matters is the fact that the world is moving in a scary new direction. A direction of absolute total control by governments over their citizens, or could it be The Government over all of humanity?

Some individuals believe strongly in the fact that there will be another 'plandemic' coming to a world close to you very shortly. This time, however, it will be stronger and much more devastating than little Covid19. Don't worry though, your mighty government that was able to Build-Back-Better since the last pandemic will take charge of the situation and save you, your beautiful family and the woof-woof.

They will get rid of all the undesirables, introduce the global social credit system, pay all the 'sheeple' via their UBI accounts and keep them busy and entertained in the Metaverse. They will own everything and you will own nothing, but you will be happy, right?

So why worry? The government knows what is good for you, right?

The fourth industrial revolution has arrived – Data harvesting, automation and the inter-connectivity of the human race with Ai to sum it up.

If you don't like it then there is always the self-sustaining hippie community 300km north.

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