Dark Tunnels

Dark Tunnels

Fridge Warriors - Chapter 2

Sharon is busy cleaning her sword. There are some hardened blood stains from last night's battle that are giving her a hard time. Deep in thought and with a frown on her forehead is the way Eric finds her in front of her dwelling.

"Yo!", he shouts, "Wazzup warrior?"

"Not today, Erik, leave me alone," she says in an irritated voice and focus on her sword.

"Oh, sorry…what crawled up your backside?" he asks in a now equally irritated voice.

(They are both from the Mcbruntel Clan. The most feared and most brutal clan of all the Fridge Warriors. They are not known for their friendliness or hospitality)

"So, what is bugging you?", Erik keeps pushing.

"Well, first of all, You, as I am not in the mood for conversation, but if you have to know, the tunnels in Sector 45 are dark again!"

"Oh no, so it started again…"

"Yes again", she states; "and I am not in the mood to go and visit friends while clutching a fire torch all the way.

"Any idea when it will be fixed?"


Suddenly Sharon transforms from a beautiful woman to a beast in a second.

With a few swift moves she now has Erik pinned down on the ground and her, still bloodied, sword pushed up against his neck. With her nose touching his and her big blue eyes now very close to his scared ones, she whispers;

"I do not want to discuss this, ok? Get up and disappear before I cut off your arms."

"Ok, sure no problem", he whispers in a graveyard voice.

She releases her grip on Erik and then sits a moment in silence while watching him run down the tunnel and out of sight.

"It's because of 'Eishkom' Erik, she says silently to herself.

('Eishkom is a company that representatives of 10 different Viking clans from the Cape Town underground society started approximately 25 years ago. They managed to manufacture small solar panels that generate enough power to light the entire underground tunnel system underneath Cape Town. These panels have been placed in strategic hiding places on top in the human world. They have been maintained by 'Eishkom' from the start and it used to be a massive success story. Not only about the fact that 10 clans could manage to work together, but also that the tunnel system underneath Cape Town was the first to be lit. Unfortunately, bribery and corruption crept into the top management system of 'Eishkom' and over the last two years the infrastructure of this, once proud, organization has collapsed.)

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Sharon slides her sword into its holder attached to her belt. With a flick of her head her beautiful, long black hair settles on her left shoulder. There is 'fire' in her eyes. She just took a decision and it's final. She will go to Sector 45 and visit an old friend, dark tunnels or not.

And maybe, just maybe she will pay the top management of 'Eishkom' a visit.

(Up to two years ago the Cape Town underground society of Vikings has been the talk of the town within the Fridge Warrior world. They were the first to implement the solar-powered lighting system for the tunnels, they are known for the best quality 'magic dust' and they have some of the best nightclubs with the best cocktail bars known in Africa. Vikings from as far as Ethiopia traveled to the underground world of Cape Town to buy solar panels from 2cm tall Fridge Warriors.)

Today, corruption within the top management of 'Eishkom' has crippled its infrastructure. The panels are not maintained, the globes in the tunnels are not replaced and some of the Clans have resorted to stealing globes from certain tunnels and using them for their own. Resulting in some sort of mudslinging competition. Tonight, a certain Clan will steal another Clans globes while they are sleeping, tomorrow night the victims will return the favour, etc etc.


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Sharon quickly cornered an ant, smacked him with a 'magic dust' ball (which made him an instant veggie-head and willing to do anything for his master) and is now riding him through a maze of tunnels towards Sector 45. One of the hardest hit areas of the globe-theft fiasco.

She is on her way to Utak, an old friend that's living on the fringes of Sector 45. She cannot participate in the Fridge Battles anymore due to her left leg being hacked off by the McFear Clan a few months ago. Now she is running a small shop at one of the many marketplaces specializing in the plunder of the victorious Fridge Warriors.

As Sharon and the Ant enter Sector 45 they have to get a fire torch to light their way. Kind of like in the old days, before solar…

A few moments later they come across 4 dudes wearing official attire. Not warrior-type clothing but jackets with the word 'Eishkom' written on the back. Sharon can feel the muscles in her entire body tingling.

When she noticed the thick brown envelope being passed around between them she reached for her sword and uttered the ultimate war cry. The shout was so spine-chilling that the poor Ant got a heart attack and died on the spot. The bewildered 'Eishkom' employees are now frozen and one of them has got a steel blade pressed against his neck.

"We are the McBruntel Clan!" scream Sharon. "We are the most feared and respected Clan in Cape Town! Yes?" She ends with a question.

No answer.

"Do you agree??" She is demanding an answer from the official-looking, brown envelope holding victim, in her grip.

"Yes…?" He agrees and starts fearing for his life.

"Then why are you and your cronies working so hard to tarnish our reputation? Huh?"

The victim decides that it is better, to tell the truth. He has heard about Sharon and her temper and is not in the mood to die today.

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"It's profitable for us to keep the system in a constant state of repair. We get money to break it and then we get money to repair it. It's as simple as that……."

"Who is paying you?" Sharon's nose is pressed against the victim's nose. She is furious.

"I can't remember…." He says with a soft voice.

Her sword went through his heart in a split second. His corrupt eyes stayed open.

The other cowards ran away.

With her ant dead, Sharon starts walking towards the home of her friend Utak, while carrying a fire torch. There are no globes in these tunnels.

Thank you 'Eishkom'.


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