Email Marketing Magic

Email Marketing Magic
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Email marketing:

There are 4.4 billion email users worldwide.

When done right, email marketing is one of the highest converting methods of marketing out there. If you research any top content creators on YouTube they all have one thing in common: They have massive email lists.

When confronted with the question; "If you lose your entire business, how would you start over?", they will all reply by saying that they will start to build an email database asap.

Why? Because they will fill it with true fans. Inboxes that love their content and wallets that want to take out credit cards and purchase their products.

Let's differentiate between 3 types of email marketers:

- 1 Bulk mailers (spammers)

- 2 Cold mailers (targeted emails with the intent to start building a relationship with a potential client)

- 3 Hot mailers (content creators that e-mail their subscriber database with valuable content) PS: This is you and me…

Once the desired client is on your email list you have to nurture them and keep them on there for as long as possible.


- Spam them with irrelevant content.

- Email them continuously, all the time, no-no-no.

- Buy or rent an email list.


- Always deliver value content related to the niche they have signed up for.

- Keep them informed about upcoming events, product launches and the new content you have created.

- Create certain 'email sequences' helping you to promote your business.

- Continuously work on building your database.

- Be consistent. If you promise a weekly newsletter, then deliver a weekly newsletter.

- Analyse your campaigns. Study the open rate and engagement. This is done from within your bulk mail program such as Convertkit.


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Take Action:

- Add your email subscribe opt-in form boldly on your website.

- Add a 'pop-up' opt-in form on all your blog articles.

Plan out email marketing campaigns.


- Twice a month you have a general newsletter going out. This should be filled with industry news and any other valuable info regarding your niche. This is only done to build relationships and encourage conversations.

- Once a week you have a wrap-up mail going out that summarises all the content you have created that week, new videos, blog posts or podcast episodes and you provide the links to it. The best practice is to do this on a Friday.

- If you run an e-commerce website, then you could send out a weekly campaign that highlights your new products and special offers.

In summary:

- Build your list.

- Nurture the list.

- Send valuable emails.

- Pay attention to your subject lines.

- Keep paragraphs short and deliver on subject line promises.

ConvertKit (bulk email solutions & database building) explained.

Although there are numerous options for email programs, I have fallen in love with ConvertKit hence the reason I would like to showcase it in this course.

Why does every serious online business owner need email marketing software such as ConvertKit, MailChimp and MailerLite?

- It will eventually become the heartbeat of your business.

- Your business will be able to communicate with your entire database of customers with the click of a mouse.

- Every new product, every special offer, every new piece of content could be instantly communicated to your audience.

- These software programs not only assist you with bulk emails but also provide templates for landing pages and pop-ups.

What does ConvertKit offer?:

- Hosting landing pages.

- 30+ Landing page templates.

- Automation.

- Pop-ups.

- Email sequences.

- Email templates.

- Broadcasting from your database.

- Manage up to 1000 subscribers (on the FREE plan)

These are a few of the top features that they offer, and just by looking at them, you can see that it's well worth it to sign up with them. Yes, they have a FREE starter program and once your business is growing you could opt-in for the $15 monthly fee.

ConverKit's mission is to help creators earn a living online through their creator marketing platform.

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