Familiar Breakfasts = Hidden Secrets!

Familiar Breakfasts = Hidden Secrets!
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- A comical look at a very important meal of the day –

I have been blessed with a rich imagination, so to put some music into your breakfast, here is a snippet of my thoughts:

Things are not always what they seem to be. You know, apparently, the ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan, but in reality, the swan was teaching ballet at a school in Russia. 'They said that if you kiss the frog, he would turn into a Prince with anxiety issues and dandruff while Snow White actually had an affair with three of the seven dwarfs.

Now, we can laugh at the above scenarios but one thing is for certain; the swan, the frog (prince), and Snow White had this in common; they all loved healthy breakfasts. If you don't believe me, you can research it in the great book of fairy tales locked in Rapunzel's tower.

One of Snow White's favorite breakfasts was rolled oats soaked in Greek yogurt, topped with seasonal fruit, and smothered with honey that dwarf no 2 supplied her with. Apparently, she became furious one morning when dwarf no 7 (acting out of jealousy for her flirtatious behavior with dwarf no 2) asked her if she knew what the nutritious value of her apparent healthy breakfast was. To her shock, she did not know and defended herself by getting angry and demanded dwarf No 7's head.

Let's see if we can help out with Snow White's ignorance and supply her with some facts:

Snow White's Breakfast of Choice!

Rolled Oats – Lower Cholesterol / Contains Magnesium, Zinc and Iron / Gluten-Free /Help with Constipation / Packed with Anti-Oxidants

Greek Yoghurt – Packed with Protein / Less Sodium / Fewer Carbohydrates / Less Lactose & easy to digest.

Strawberries – Sodium Free / Fat-Free / Lots of Anti-Oxidants / More Vit C Than Oranges

BananaSporting B6 and Vit C / Manganese / Helps with Digestion / Sucrose, Fructose & Glucose!

Blue Berries – Rich in Proanthocyanidins (with anti-aging characteristics) / Aid Digestion / Contains Gallic Acid (anti-fungal agent)

Honey – Rich in Antioxidants / Healthy Alternative to Sugar / Can Help To Lower Blood Pressure.

So, you can clearly see that this breakfast is packed full of goodies and energy! No wonder Snow White was flirting with 3 dwarfs!

Just to clarify, I did email her this information and she calmed down. According to 'Fairyland News', dwarf No 7's head was spared but unfortunately, he was retrenched and is now working as a call center agent for a big pharmaceutical company in some dark unknown forest.

In other news; our frog (turned prince) has been quite outspoken about his breakfast of choice. Smashed avocado on toasted sourdough bread, complimented with chili and papaya slices! Yummy!

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Let's break it down:

Prince Charming's Breakfast of Choice:

Sourdough Bread – Easy to Digest / Good 4 Gut / Fiber / Healthy Carbs

Avocado– Vitamin E / Potassium & Fiber / Assists in Lowering Cholesterol / May Have a Positive Effect on Osteoarthritis symptoms

Chili – Anti Inflammatory Properties / Immune System Support / Vit A & C

Papaya– Potassium / Vit B9 / Antioxidants / Lycopene (can reduce cancer risk) / Inflammation Fighter

Cayenne Pepper – Fiber / Vit A, E, C, B6 & K / Potassium / Manganese

Lemon – Vitamin C / Help to Prevent Kidney Stones / Help Reduce Cancer Risk / Digestive Health

So, there you have it my friends; The Battle of The Breakfasts, and everyone seems to be a winner. There is no denying that breakfast forms a very important part of our busy lifestyles and that it's up to us to feed our bodies well.

Compliment your consistent short exercise routines throughout the week with energy-filled breakfasts and consider investing in a juicer to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level.

Become the 'Best Version of Yourself’, and remember, we are what we eat, there is truth in that.

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