Feed your brain - A building block to reinvent yourself.

Feed your brain - A building block to reinvent yourself.
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I saw an Instagram post the other day: 'If 80% of the world's mainstream media would disappear then 80% of the world's problems will disappear.' Wow, that's a lot to take in. Is it true though? I'm not sure. Is the general population of the world so gullible to believe every single news article …or do they take the majority of the newspaper headlines with a pinch of salt?

It is sad to acknowledge that bad news sells much better than good news. Articles, movies, magazines, and any other social media content painted with a sexual connotation is far more popular than uplifting content filled with boring old family values and conservative thinking.

The media bosses know that their content is mainly junk food for our brains and we have failed to recognize the devastating effect, especially on our youth. If you eat too much junk food then your waistline will grow and your health will deteriorate and the same goes for reading too many gossip magazines, newspaper articles about war, the rumors of war, and the apparent collapse of society. When you consume too much junk food for the brain then your brain will become unhealthy like your waistline.

The question is, who benefits from the fact that 'bad news sells?' You, me?

It has been written that apparently, you are what you eat. Now I did not coin that phrase but I do believe in its truth. At the same time, I can tell you that you become that what you consume. When you choose to open the doors of your precious mind to the unchecked media, you will suffer the consequences. Watch too many war movies and you will become desensitized. Watch pornography channels and you will inherit a sick mind. Watch the so-called 'innocent' witchcraft series on Netflix (you know the one with the sexy lead actress that has got a direct line to satan) and you will have to answer your kids for helping them to open the doors to the occult.

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There is so much content nowadays on the internet, it is absolutely scary. Everything is available, at any time and to anyone. Including your kids. It is our responsibility to be guarding the doors to our minds and the doors to the minds of our kids. Be selective with what you read and with what you watch. Your brain is a breeding ground for whatever you choose to put in there. You want to fill it with garbage, then garbage will grow, however, if you choose to fill it with uplifting content, filled with old school family values, business ideas, fitness tips, and healthy recipes – boring as it may sound – then your mind, your body and your kids will thank you in the long run.

We have looked at different building blocks that could help you to reinvent your life.

Having a basic fitness level was first in line, supported by optimal nutritional intake. Then we focused on the magic of goals and the amazing effect it could have on your self-esteem. Next, we examined our friendship circles and ask the question: 'do we add value to the lives of our friends, and do they do the same in return? If not, is it time to cut them loose? Our menu planning was put under the spotlight and we agreed that healthy eating habits, 90% of the time is another building block in our quest to reinvent ourselves. And now, finally, to complete our foundation we have recognized the fact that we have reassessed our reading and viewing habits to protect our minds, the breeding ground of our future success.

Be careful what you view and what you read, someone else might watch you while you are busy doing it.

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