Have u heard of a 'Business Shower'?

Have u heard of a 'Business Shower'?
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The power of habit is a strange phenomenon that has been engraved in our human society since the dawn of time. It could almost be tasked to sit on the same bench as 'tradition', custom and ritual. This gang of party animals appear almost instantly at weddings, birthdays, and funerals in the form of certain type of 'conversations', advice, and specific facial expressions.

For example, when a young married couple announce that they are pregnant, their circle of family and friends congratulate them with hugs and kisses. There is a tangible festive atmosphere in the air.

When a budding entrepreneur announce that he will be starting a business venture, his family and friends look at him with concerned facial expressions. Some friends would half-heartedly offer a handshake and a mumbled "go for it", while there is a tangible 'weird' atmosphere hanging in the air.

Five months later our pregnant lady receives a 'baby shower' from her friends. They would gather around her and, while she is opening all her wonderful gifts, they would all give her tons of advice on the topic of becoming a parent. Once again smiles and hugs all around.

Five months later our entrepreneur is struggling through his first orders. By now he is used to late nights trying to figure out accounting systems, bank accounts, and crashing websites. The 'voices' of his friends and family echo in his head: "are you sure you did the right thing Johnny?", "95% of start-ups fail, Johnny", and "maybe you should go back to a real job…".

Which one of the two is off to a great and, emotionally strong, start to their different adventures? You guessed it, our mama-to-be of course! The poor entrepreneur had to fight a massive mental battle from the start, and it seems as if all the odds were stacked against him.

But what if we turn this around? You see, I know that the number one killer of start-up businesses is the eventual lack of cash flow. There are many reasons as well, but this one pops up all the time. Why do cash flow problems happen? Most probably because of poor or inadequate management, loosely structured systems and unmotivated sales teams could also play a role. This list could go on and on, but would it not be stunning to see other businessmen step in and help our starry-eyed entrepreneur with his start-up?

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Like all the mothers rallying around their pregnant friend, showering her with gifts and sharing all of their knowledge regarding the topic of motherhood. With love in their hearts, they cannot wait to share all their advice on raising children and everything else that goes with it.

Imagine successful businessmen rallying around our entrepreneurs and share all their knowledge of success and failure, with advice on accounting systems and lists of do's and don'ts that they have picked up over the years. Of course, there are a million books on sale that preach on the topic, but it is not the same. A successful businessman, taking the entrepreneur by the hand and showing him the ropes is far more impactful than reading 5 books of empire-building gurus.

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Unfortunately, tradition shows us that many business owners are reluctant to share any of their secrets and start-ups are determined to make it on their own and not ask for help. This is the wrong thinking pattern because, on the flip side, many successful businessmen know the value of sharing knowledge. A sort of pay-it-forward scenario where they don't expect anything back for the knowledge that they have shared, but they are fully aware of the long-term benefit in their businesses.

The hardest part for the start-up entrepreneur is the initial reaction of friends and family. He almost feels embarrassed and ashamed to say he will be starting his own business because of the fear of their reaction. But what if this was different? What if the cool gang of Tradition, Custom, Habit, and Ritual sang a different tune when an entrepreneur was born?

"Hey guys, Johnny is starting a business!"

"What?!, That's amazing Johnny!" "Well done my friend! I wish I dared to do that!" "Listen, Johnny, my cousin is a successful businessman, I am going to set up a meeting for you. He loves to share knowledge about his venture!"

What a joyful occasion. All his friends and family are absolutely pumped that he has taken the brave step to say no to traditional employment and yes to his own business. They support him like mother hens and in doing so, his self-esteem goes through the roof and gives him courage for the late nights in front of the computer.

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If you have a friend that has just announced that he or she is about to start walking on the exciting path of entrepreneurship, then consider throwing a 'business shower.'

Here is the blueprint:

1- Your initial reaction to the news:

Similar to you bursting out into singing 'Happy Birthday' when the birthday boy walks into the office, your reaction on hearing the news that Johnny has started his 'own thing', should be next level. This would not only boost his ego, but in return, you will very quickly learn a lot about Johnny's new venture. Fueled by positive energy and a desire to impress and succeed, he is going to bombard you with the details of his venture. You will see how his eyes will light up and how his voice will have a little tremble in it while babbling on.

2- Celebration Phase:

After the initial excitement has died down, you can follow up the next day with a short email (congratulating him again on his decision) and include an interesting (positive) article that you have found on his chosen niche. By doing this you are cementing your friendship into a solid foundation and Johnny knows that you have got his back.

3- Propaganda Phase:

Sing this in your head: "Start spreading the news……. He's leaving today……his gonna be a part of it! Business World...!" OK, I got carried away, but is it not exciting? You are helping your friend along a very rocky, and sometimes lonely path.

So, see how many of your other friends you could get together that are of the same mindset and let them also congratulate him and offer positive advice. At the same time plan and prepare for the big day when you will be hosting a business shower for your friend. Find out in a round-about way, what is a big-ticket item that your friend might still need for his start-up. A new laptop, specific software, a logo, website, or maybe a few desks? The group of friends could maybe pool together and buy this as a gift for him.

4- Business Shower Phase

At this stage, Johnny will be blown away.

Surrounded by his friends and family that are now supporting him in his new venture.

Asking questions such as: "What can we help you with?", "What do you need to start?"

Saying things like: "I have two old desks in my garage, I can sand them down and give them to your new office!", "Hey buddy, I just got my wife a new laptop, your welcome to have the old one, it's still in great shape!

You could go next level and see if you could find a successful business owner that is willing to make a guest appearance and give a short testimonial on how he became successful in the business world. This will be of huge value to your friend.

In the end, you suddenly present him with the big-ticket item for which you all pooled together and you just sit back and enjoy his smile.

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When you hear about a friend that started his own business, then focus on:

#1 – Congratulating him in a sincere and heartfelt way

#2 – Boosting your friend with interesting articles and info, related to his future business, you found on the internet.

#3 – Find other friends that would want to contribute to his start-up with positive advice or items such as office furniture, laptops, logo design, or web development either for free or at a reduced rate as a gift.

#4 – Planning and executing a 'Business Shower' with a successful business owner as a guest speaker. Present a big-ticket item that was bought with funds that were pooled together by the friendship group.

Imagine a world where the gift of paying it forward is commonplace.

Imagine a world full of entrepreneurs that got off to a stunning, positive start to their business adventures!

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The great resignation is becoming a reality and more and more people are waking up to the idea of turning their interests and passions into online businesses. Traditional corporate employment is becoming something of the past.

Let's celebrate the start-ups and the amazing men and women behind them.

Let's shower these adventure-filled individuals with inspirational cards and positive energy.

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