How To Reinvent Yourself...

How To Reinvent Yourself...
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Yes, it happens. Life.

Every other year you look back at your life thinking; 'what have I done?', 'what have I accomplished?' Sometimes these thoughts bring a smile to your face, sometimes it brings tears and a lot of fear.

You see, we get stuck in our 'ways' and we get stuck in the hamster wheel of life, and then what happens? Life happens, that's what.

I have recently looked back at my life and was close to tears. Goals still pending or forgotten, deadlines missed and business plans still half-written. Can you relate?

However, there was a glimmer of hope keeping me from screaming into a microphone. Some goals were reached, some deadlines, and there was one business plan written.

But, when looking at the semi 'train wreck' behind me I realized that I need a structure going forward. A system of sorts where I can hold myself accountable, and not only that but to take my life to the next level. It has been written: 'What does it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his soul?'. Those words started floating in front of my eyes, I repeated them like a mantra day in day out. Eventually, I added to the phrase: 'What benefit would I have if, when I reach financial success, I have poor health? and then the idea of  my YOU-24/777 Academy started to take shape. I invented for myself a mini academy in order to keep myself accountable!

I realized that I needed to focus on certain key areas continuously to get successful. I cannot treat them separately and I cannot treat them as a job, I had to develop a LIFESTYLE. Sounds silly? Well, I have seen results!
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I identified three main areas that I believed formed the basis of my future success. My fitness level, my nutritional intake as well as my entrepreneurial spirit. I agreed with myself that I need to have physical and mental fitness to tackle my business ideas. I needed to keep my body strong and healthy to operate at my best level. It is a win-win situation. My future businesses will have a strong and healthy CEO at the steering wheel and my family will have a strong and healthy husband and dad to enjoy many years of family bliss.

It has been written: 'How do you start a long journey? With the first step'. I had to implement my plan and quickly. I wrote the framework of You-24/777 Academy over a few weeknights. It consists of a personal fitness routine, a 30-day meal plan for optimal nutritional intake, and of course the outline of my online business.

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Let me ask a question: to say to your neighbor: "hey look at me I'm fit!", do you have to prove that you have run a marathon? In short, no you don't. Getting to a basic fitness level can be done with 10-20 min of cardio exercise 5 times a week. Could you spare 10-20 min every weekday morning? I'm sure you can. You see, there is no need to train for The Iron Man (except if that's your thing) all you need to do is to commit to short, regular, and consistent exercise 5 times a week, and you could get a swagger in your walk and tell the neighbor that you are fit. And by the way, the more consistent you are with daily exercise the more consistently you will say no to sugar, alcohol, and that delicious chocolate cake from Aunt Mary.


The funny thing about junk food is that while you are in the process of ordering it, you know that it is not good for you, but you do it anyway...? Don't get me wrong, a big saucy burger with all the trimmings and chips and soda is so good, but it could become a habit and that's the problem.

Solution: Discipline. Sign a resolution that states the following: 'I am committing my diet to a healthy and nutritious menu and only eat naughty stuff once a week.' Sign the document, add the date on it and show the document to someone else. Accept the accountability.

Now we are on a roll! Life is good, life is healthy and there is a smile on your face. Currently, you are exercising 5 times a week, 10-20 min cardio and you are supplementing it with healthy breakfasts and energy-filled lunch boxes!


When you are unfit and indulging in junk food, your mood becomes the same kind of greasy pit of blah! Then when you sit down to write a business plan, the plan itself will be unfit and sort of out of shape with lots of stomach fat.

However, when you have a basic level of fitness, eat super healthy meals, most of the time, then it will shine through in your outlook on life. Then when you sit down to write a business plan, the plan itself will glow with fitness and nutrition, ready for the marketplace!

How did I reinvent myself? With goals, running shoes, a green immune booster juice, and by writing down a business plan for my online venture. There is something magic within the act of writing down your goals. There is a magic connection between your fingertips, the keyboard and your brain. It is as if the the words of your goal are cemented on the vision board of your mind, propelling you forward and transforming you into a goal-achieving machine!

Goals could change your life. Write them down, break them up into small achievable little goals and see the magic happen!

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