Identify Your Future Clients & Their Pain Points.

Identify Your Future Clients & Their Pain Points.
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Here we will learn how to identify your clients and specific problems they have.

It boils down to this: Who are you going to help, with …(what?)… to achieve this desired result..??…within ..??..this time.

Now is the time that you have to differentiate yourself from the pack. You have to stand out and gather your tribe. In summary, I want to say this: you have to niche down! This is where the money pot lies:

- Purpose: Why do you want to help others?

- Product: What will you offer to solve their problems?

- Packaging: Physically boxed up or digital form?

- Sales Funnel - YouTube channel – webinar - social channels – sales page.

- Traffic: Paid or organic?

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You see, the online space is very crowded and it can seem difficult to stand out.

People might say to you that the majority of niche topics are saturated.

You might hear that anything can be found on the internet for free and that all topics have been covered.

So, let me address this quickly and put an end to these fears.

The truth is that the markets are not saturated and never will be. The reason: YOU.

You bring your unique style to the marketplace. Your unique spin on the topic.

Clients buy YOU much faster before they buy the product or service you have in your hands.

Can the majority of information on niche topics be found on the internet? Yes. If you are willing to do long hours of research and piece together all the blog posts and YouTube videos you might get 80% of the entire picture.

Clients will buy your course because they want the entire package delivered to them without spending months of research trying to piece everything together.

Remember this: Your clients are willing to spend money for the TRANSFORMATION that your course will bring them. You bought this course because of the transformation it will bring you in your future financial situation. An automated income!

What Business? Clarity On Your Niche.
Why is a Niche important? - You want to be known for SOMETHING. - You have to become the GO-TO person for a specific subject. - Once you are known as the AUTHORITY on a specific subject you will attract your tribe which will eventually transform into your first clients.

Now, how are you going to stand out from the crowd?

- By getting as specific with your course as possible.

- By really listening to your future clients.

- By solving a problem for your clients.

- By creating the solution for them.

Spend the time and energy to engage in conversations with potential clients, on Facebook groups and other social channels. Ask them what frustrates them about the current information and courses available in your niche. Soon you will have a bag full of information that could help you when creating your course.


Ten different people told you that they have all taken some sort of oil painting course and that none of the courses went in-depth with regards to the tools needed. They just focused on painting techniques.

In all the conversations you had you heard the same story over and over again:

- I wish they taught me more about the specific brushes they used.

- I wish they gave a tutorial on how to choose an easel.

- I wish they gave a tutorial on how to use canvas wedges.

- I wish the courses were not so long and dragged out, I wanted a short course that delivered the basics, not so much fluff!

The above is described as your client's pain points.

If you can solve their pain points, then you will be able to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Are you able to see now how super important market research and 'conversations' are? You need to LISTEN to your potential clients and in return, they will tell you what kind of product they want.

So, instead of marketing a course called: 'The basics of oil painting', you market a course called: Learn the Tools Of The Trade & The Basics Of Oil Painting in 7 Days!

This will stand out.

- Remember, people, buy products and services for the results that they create.

- A good mattress company is selling a good night's sleep, not the mattress.

- A good car manufacturer is selling a safe and comfortable driving experience, not a car.

- When you think through the eyes of your customer – then start with the end in mind and then create your product.

- If you make a product or service to solve the needs of someone else you have a winner.

- Now, put your unique spin on the solution and you have a Unique Solution to your audience's Pain Points.

Kick-Start your online business in 30 days.
Solid foundation for a sustainable online business that provide an automated income.

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