Just Started A Start-Up? Consider This...

Just Started A Start-Up? Consider This...
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Let me start by telling a story that will interest, not only aspiring entrepreneurs but also established businesses.

Yesterday afternoon I was desperately researching a way to turn my basic YouTube setup into a more professional outfit. Sporting a cool-looking microphone and sexy headset that would work well with recording online interviews. My knowledge of these items is limited so I started researching, following suggestions from friends, and calling around. Unfortunately, with very little success.

That is until Carlo from Audiosure picked up the phone and spend 30 minutes with me trying to figure out what I needed. (I was not sure what I needed myself, I only had a general idea)

Eventually, we said goodbye and he promised to come back to me with options as he also had to take my budget into consideration. First thing in the morning there was a text from Carlo, greeting me and sending pictures of products he thought would be perfect for my interview set up and he was willing to give it to me at an affordable price that complimented my budget.

Of course, I stopped in front of Audiosure a few minutes later, fist-bumped my new friend, and paid for my goodies. A happy customer was created by the great service of a dude with a passion for people.

Why am I telling you this story? Because I want to highlight what Carlo did.

You see he did not think about the money, no, he was completely focused on his client. The way a business owner should be. He was determined to figure out what I needed and then he delivered the solution.

My purchase is not going to make a big difference to the month-end gross profit of Audiosure, but the fact that I am writing about it will. The fact that I am going to tell all my friends that they have a branch in Cape Town & Johannesburg will. The fact that I am going to make a YouTube video about it will.

Carlo is the summary of everything that I have been preaching on my YouTube channel, he is friendly, he is focused and he is determined to solve the client's problem! Boom! Well done my friend!

Fact: One of the main reasons start-ups fail, is the lack of cash flow in the beginning stages.

This can also happen when they don't keep up with new trends and the fast-changing world of technology.

Remember this: When the customer interacts with your brand, your aim is to make his experience as smooth as possible.

I recently received a bill from my accountant, and I had the option to pay with a direct EFT or with Bitcoin! This scenario allowed me to have a sneak peek into the future. A new type of financial world where most retailers, especially online stores, are excepting a menu of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment for goods and services.

Is this scenario far into the future? No, it's happening already.

If you have just started a start-up or running a business already, you should seriously consider accepting cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, as a form of payment. This will attract a bunch of tech-savvy, 'crypto' nerds, and increase your monthly revenue.

Why are there still people afraid of cryptocurrencies?

- It's volatile.

- It's unregulated.

- It attracts scammers.

- People are not sure how to buy it or store it.

Even though the above is true, we can also argue that cash is also used by money laundering bad boys, cash also attracts scammers and many people don't even know how to properly invest their own FIAT money.

Fact: More and more people are waking up to the magic of having a 'crypto' portfolio.

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More and more people are learning how to buy it, how to store it, and how to use it to purchase everyday stuff.

The same people might visit your online store and ask if they could purchase something using 'crypto', and if the answer is no, then they will just click away to your competitor's website and support him.

Fact: Skeptics have declared Bitcoin dead more than a hundred times and the king of all 'crypto' came 'back from the dead', more than a hundred times.

Fact: In March 2020 Bitcoin was worth $6,483

Fact: In November 2021 Bitcoin's value has jumped to $67,633

Wish u invested then?

If you have just started a business, I suggest the following:

Brainstorm a 'Crypto-Adopting' program for 3 reasons.

- Investing a small part of your portfolio in 'the future', it will be a smart move.

- Giving more choice to your clients.

- Attract new clients that want to only deal with 'crypto' payments.

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In Summary:

Fact: Cryptocurrencies and, especially Bitcoin, are here to stay. The sooner you accept this fact and stop dismissing it, the sooner your business will see the benefit.

Fact: More and more people are waking up to the idea of using 'crypto' in their everyday life. Not only investing a percentage of their Fiat currency in the 'crypto' market but also using bitcoin to pay for goods and services.

Fact: If you run a business and you cannot see yourself adopting 'crypto' payments in the future, then you will miss out on a new breed of customer.

Power to those who dare to step out of their comfort zone!

Focus people, take your business to the next level, and be one of the pioneers that accept bitcoin as a form of payment for your goods and services.


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