Managing Your Online Business. Systems & Schedules.

Managing Your Online Business. Systems & Schedules.
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- Work ON your business not IN it.-

It is very easy to get tied down with the day to day running of your business. They call it the content creation hamster wheel. Believe me, you don't want to be stuck inside of it. It is week 4 and I can sense that you are very excited to just start and go crazy as your head is spinning with ideas. Ten hamster wheels are spinning at the same time and it's all a little overwhelming.

Now, remember right in the beginning, I was hammering on the fact that we were building a strong foundation, right? So, this is where we are starting to test our foundation. We identified our niche, we know who our desired customers are, we have created social media channels with a business mindset, created a website (to serve as a digital portal) and the framework for our first paid digital product is in full swing.

You see, we followed a pre-planned system. We did not create our website before we wrote our business plan. No, business plan first, then website. In the same way, you should run the day to day stuff of the business. If you're going to be all over the place, doing a little of this, then a little of that and back to the other thing… it's not going to work and you will get frustrated.

Best practice:

- Commit to a realistic upload schedule.

- If you commit to a very busy upload schedule you will upload bad quality content and head for burn-out.

- If you commit to a realistic schedule then the quality of the content will be high and you can manage your time better.

- Create on a certain day, edit and post on another.

- Block a specific day just for admin related tasks.

- Use note-taking apps, such as NOTION, to brain dump any ideas that come into your mind. Get into the habit of starting and ending your day with what you have done during the day and what you will start your day with tomorrow.

- Get into the habit of organising your desktop and digital filing system for ease of access. As your online journey progresses, you will create numerous pieces of content. A big portion of this will be video files and that takes up a lot of space. Invest early on in either additional iCloud storage or an external hard drive.

Top Tip:

Get ahead as soon as possible. It is a good idea to create content in the future, let's say a month in advance. If you stick to your realistic upload schedule this should be possible. In the long run, it will also free your hands to concentrate on other areas.

Imagine this:

Your upload commitment is one video and one blog post a week. If through the year, you manage to have 4 videos/blogs 'in the bank' still waiting to be uploaded, you can enjoy a holiday. While you are on holiday it will just take you 3 minutes to upload and voila!

It is pre-recorded, already edited and was just waiting for you to press the button while sipping your Pina Colada on the beach. Laptop lifestyle stuff!


What is the biggest reason people want an automated income? Family, right? Family first and then the rest. So, once you have created automated income streams you can spend more time with your family and pursue alternative interests that could also result in additional income streams. The magic continues.

But now, what if you work 7 days a week because you want to achieve this, and in the process neglect your family and ultimately head for disaster? Not good.

There is a famous book called 'The 4h workweek' by Tim Ferris. In this book, he explains that time management is crucial for the laptop lifestyle enthusiast.

My suggestion is to block your calendar for certain days to spend with family. Do not allow anything or anybody to high-jack these days. It's crucial. Remember, your aim is to increase these days eventually.

Adopt a healthy fitness & finance system.

Once there is some money coming through your empire it is very important to stay clear of the shiny object syndrome. Suddenly you have cash in hand and that new laptop looks incredible! Do you need a new desk, camera, studio make-over or an entire new wardrobe?

You don't.

Not now.


Invest everything you make for the first year back into the business and well planned backup systems.

1 – Create an emergency fund. Get a clear picture of what your absolute minimum monthly budget needs to be for survival and make it your goal to save 6 x that amount. Meaning, that if there is a re-run of the 2008 financial crisis, then at least you have a six-month cushion to fall back on.

2 – Seek out the best savings account interest rate you can find and put a specific amount aside every month. This is for future use within your business structure.

3 – Make an effort to learn how to buy, store and transact with cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Whether you like crypto or not, it's here to stay, and any savvy business owner invests a portion of their portfolio into Crypto.

4 – Download an app such as Etoro, Robin Hood or Easy Equities and start building up a little portfolio of shares from well-known companies.

5 – Explore the possibility of buying into fractional property shares via Real Estate Investment Funds. (property ownership without the hassle of property management)

6 – Go next level and buy shares in companies that will be big in the Metaverse. Apple, Nike, Facebook, Sandbox, Decentraland & Epic Games

7 – Never buy advertisements for your business on credit and just try your utmost best to stay clear of any debt related activities.

You see, with these 7 points you will add another layer of protection on top to your already strong foundation. Two to three years down the line you will have sizable investments in emergency funds, crypto and equities.

Healthy Health Habits:

You have decided to embark on this journey of online business ownership. Like any business it needs your full attention, commitment and focus. And, like any business, there will be stress involved. Stress that needs to be managed.

- Stress leads to strokes and heart attacks.

- Unhealthy, unfit and overweight business owners run a higher risk of falling victim to this.

Similar to your content creation schedule, adopt an exercise schedule and do your best to stick with it. No reason to start training for a marathon, not at all. Just aim for a basic level of fitness. This can easily be done with a 30-minute workout three times a week.

Focus on your diet.

- Eat 90% of the time healthy meal options and cheat 10% of the time with pizza and beer if you so wish.

I am trying to paint a picture of balance.

- Family first.

- Work at specific times.

- Create, edit and upload consistently and realistically.

- Direct any profit into emergency funds, investments and fractional property. Diversification is key.

- Focus on nutrition and stick to a basic fitness routine.

- Drink Pina Colada on the beach…

If any emergency issues pop up in your business, you will be able to handle them calmly, with a clear mind and without immediate financial stress.

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