Paid VS Organic Marketing.

Paid VS Organic Marketing.

What exactly is digital marketing?

In simple terms, it can be described as: 'Marketing efforts that utilise the internet to reach potential clients.' Goal: To sidestep the 'wrong' people and only show the ad to pre-qualified people.


Once your first product has been created and it's ready to be launched it is time for decisions.

Will you rely solely on organic traffic or will you only run ads? The truth is, ads cost money, and as a start-up business, you need to watch every single cent you have.

Top Tip: A healthy mix of organic and paid traffic to your product offering is best.

Organic traffic:

During the 2nd week, you created the foundations of your YouTube channel, blog, Pinterest acc and branded website. Now is the time to ready the troops for the battlefield. Utilise every one of them to blast out the news of your new digital product.

- On your YouTube channel, create a series of ten, infomercial style, videos about your product. Remember to include links within the description box that would lead the viewer to your sales page.

- Write a series of ten blog posts about different aspects of your paid offering. Showcase an advertisement for your product at the beginning and the end of the blogs.

- Create a series of ten Pin's on Pinterest. Write descriptive paragraphs for them and include the links for your sales page.

- If you have the budget for it, sign up for webinar software and create an informative, automated webinar in which you educate the viewers about why your product will solve their problems.

I hope that by now it is more clear than ever, how all the moving parts of an online business work together to promote your paid product. Although you could potentially make advertising revenue from your channel and your blog, it is far better to see them as windows for potential clients to look through and see what is on your digital shelves.

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Top Tip:

Work smart, not hard. Convert the scripts of the ten videos into blog posts.

Convert the ten blog posts into ten Pinterest pins.

Top Tip:

Be present where your audience hangs out. Join social groups focused on your niche and make an effort to contribute to the group and seek out individuals for conversations and relationship building. Digital marketing = social marketing, get it?

Paid advertising:

This is your chance to reach a massive global audience, but please, don't just throw spaghetti on the wall. This strategy will end up costing you a lot of money. It is crucial at this stage to work smart.

Best practice:

• NEVER pay for digital ads with money you don't have. Don't use credit to fund ad campaigns.

• If you do have a marketing budget, doesn't matter how big or small, plan your ad campaign's every month, week by week.

• Don't blow your entire marketing budget within the first week. You might have a big result at once but after a few days, it will just run dry.

• Take whatever budget you have and divide it into 8 weeks. Allocate the exact amount per week for two months.

• Create 4 different sale pages with your ConverKit software and use them in a 4-week cycle, starting every first week of the month with sales page 1 etc.

• Every week, target a different country with a different sales page. This system will quickly start to give you some valuable data.

• Spend time and energy with your FB ads and make 100% sure that you target your desired age group and interest level.

• Don't target a Cold Audience.

• The first sentence of your ad description is the most important.

• Be very specific with the text in your heading: Best is to ask questions or make bold statements.

• Examples:

• Would you like to be THE BEST veggie gardener in your neighbourhood?

• This is the Number 1 Masterclass for serious investors!

• How would you like to be called a Professional Copywriter? My 5 day zero to hero course will give you that edge!

Best practise FB strategy:

HOOK – CONTENT – (problem-solution – benefits) CALL TO ACTION – SALES PAGE.

Top Tip: Video tends to convert better than text.

Remember: The role of your headline is to create curiosity, not sell the product.

Once your 8-week campaign is over, it is time to analyse the data.

- Which sales page performed best?

- Which country performed best?

- How many total sales did you get?

For the next 8 weeks, you are not going to use personal money to fund it. From now on, the first 4 sales of every month will be used for the next month's paid traffic. This should form part of your marketing rhythm.

In this second phase, the first two weeks will always go to the two top-performing countries from the previous two months. Also, use the two top-performing sales pages again in the first two weeks.

The last two weeks should be used for experimenting with new countries and new sales pages. You can see where I am going with this. Work according to a system, use what is working best and continuously level up with new countries and different styles of ads.

Soon you will have a rotating advertising system that exploits the top-performing countries and top-performing sales pages. Don't reinvent the wheel and don't become greedy. The goal is to have a consistent flow of sales from a global audience. Once a year, you should 'upgrade' your course and use this opportunity to hit the market with a fresh 'New & Improved' sales pitch.

3.7 The Importance Of Niche Communities.

A wise man once said that clients will buy your course for the transformation it promises, but in the end, they hang around because of the community you have created. This community will be in the form of a private Facebook group or any similar platform.

It is super important too, once you have launched your first course, create a separate private group where all the students can hang out. It should be a standard feature with student enrolment.

What are the benefits:

- A sense of pride from the student's side. He just purchased a course and is now part of an exclusive group of people belonging to a private hub.

- You can use this platform for FAQs regarding your course.

- You can use it to inspire your students and let them share posts as to where they are in their journey.

- You can showcase new product launches to them.

- You could use this hub to market your menu of growing digital products to them.

- Everyone in the group is 100% qualified to be there (they have already purchased a product from you) so you have a captive audience. Beautiful is it not?

If you have not yet joined my private group then please do so:

You-24/777 Private Group. This is a hub for start-up online entrepreneurs.

3.8 Personal Touch Via Direct Access.

How do you stand out in a crowded marketplace? By being different, unique, just be YOU.

It is good to practise having an open line of communication between you and your clients.

When you are just starting and releasing your first mini online course into the world, it could be a good idea to increase your client interaction from the start.

Top Tip:

Offer a FREE 30-minute coaching call for every new student.

- This will build strong relations with your students and might just be the final piece of the puzzle that created buyers' demand from the client.

- It could be a massive building block for your digital ad campaign when launching the course.

- Is it sustainable?

- In the beginning phases, you might not have that many students. With three or four sign-ups per week, it would be easy to manage a 30-minute call with each student.

- With ten sign ups a week, you will have to schedule two calls per weekday, and it will still be doable.

- Once you exceed ten sign-ups per week, it would be advisable to rewrite the sales pages that feature the 30-minute calls and make it a once-weekly group call with all students.

- So, in hindsight, you could use this strategy to add value to your first offering and get an initial boost of students.

Once it becomes unmanageable, then change it to pre-planned group Q & A's.

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