Build Your Personal Brand (psst, it’s not ABOUT You)

Build Your Personal Brand (psst, it’s not ABOUT You)
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It is very easy to get the 'about' section of your web page wrong. Human nature will lean towards rambling on about your achievements and how good, strong, fit, well-educated, and well-dressed you are and then in the second paragraph you will continue with me, me, me.

Where does that leave your potential client? Inspired about your product or service and willing to become a lifelong repeat customer? Or did they just slam the door in your face never to return?

Building a personal brand is less about what you wear and more about your problem-solving product or service.

Crafting your 'Personal Brand' and nailing down your 'Brand Promises' for everyone to see is the beginning of your business journey. Of course, it's beneficial to have a personal style, especially online. A specific dress code, style of presenting, and a recognizable look and feel to the brand are all window dressing and, yes, it's needed. Seeing it from the client's perspective, they love the 'know-love-and trust', feeling. It builds loyalty.

When we dive deeper into this, we realize that our core business message is the golden nugget that the potential clients are after. That problem-solving service or product will make their life more productive, more enjoyable, and carefree. The product or service that makes them come back for more and ultimately turns them into little ambassadors for your brand.

You Should BECOME Your Business Plan.
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You see, my friends, business is not about getting one over on the customer. Business is about helping people. The more people you are able to help, the faster your business will grow. However, you need to be careful, especially in the beginning. Don't spend money that you don't have and stay away from the liability purchases. If you do, you could sink the ship before your clients get onboard.

Once you have crafted your 'Personal Brand', you need to LIVE it. Your self-discipline and focus will ultimately motivate the team around you and then filter down to your clients. They will start loving you for it and will scream for more.

- Design your style and attract your crowd.

- Be clear on your CORE message.

- Promote your Brand Promises.

- Make it your ultimate goal to create 'Return Clients'.

Become an ambassador of the problem and the solution rolled into one.

In other words, be very clear in your message to the world. If you struggle to understand how your product or service can help others, then your clients will never understand it either. You have to become the absolute MASTER of your niche.

- If you have a watered-down focus, you will have watered-down clients.

- Master one aspect of your business and then start with the next part while you are still managing the previous.

- Don't try to master everything at the same time.

- Do not get distracted from your goal.

Case study:

After years in the tourism industry, I started my own company, Sidewalk Africa Travels, and enjoyed immediate success. Thankfully the Covid-19 pandemic suggested that the global tourism industry take a much-needed break, and because of this, I had the opportunity to dive into another business venture. The amazing world of doing business online.

Note that I immediately saw another opportunity while my initial business was chilling on the back burner. Because of this, I now have two businesses that will ultimately lead to multiple streams of income that will open up even more avenues for investments, etc.

I researched the online business model for over a year and mastered the topic. Today I am in a position to teach on the subject and help others. So, looking back, I am able to help the person that I once was! The person that just got retrenched from an office job and does not know anything about the online business world.

- Are you able to serve the person you once were?

- Are you able to do that consistently?

- Are you able to do that with a moderate price tag?

- If the answer is YES, then you have a winner.

Your Personal Brand is the way you and your team are able to help someone else while smiling and building friendships along the way.

Building your Personal Brand online.

Right of the bat, you have to understand that building a presence online is a marathon and not a sprint. At the same time, you need to understand that everything you do online will stay with you forever. The internet never forgets. Whatever you share, liked, comment on and promote will follow you until the end of the world.

Once you have crafted your brand story and started to promote your brand promises online you don't want one of your customers emailing you some drunk pictures of yourself. You know, the pictures you uploaded to FB seven years ago, long before your entrepreneurial dreams.

Start your Online Business with the END RESULT in mind.
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Keeping that in mind, let's build an online presence! ;-)

Identify your niche. Match your skill/talent with actual market demand and be sure that you are able to consistently deliver to your audience.

- Perfect your 'window dressing', the digital portal to your paid offers.

- Promote your VIBE and attract your TRIBE.

- Don't post random content pieces. Post content that is relevant to your problem-solving product or service.

- Be very clear with your offering.

- Be willing to give valuable information away for free.

- Build an E-Mail list

- Be consistent with your format and you're branding.

- Don't copy others. There is no saturated market, any topic can get new life via your UNIQUE way of delivering the solution.

- Write down your goals with end dates.

- Pick one or two platforms and master them, don't try to be a star on every platform.

- Build an audience first, then dive into affiliate marketing.

- Don't promote products that you don't believe in yourself.

- Consider complimenting your YouTube channel with a Blog website.

- Don't be on social media just for the sake of being on social media. Show up with a purpose and a plan.

- If you choose to master Instagram, then spend time crafting your two-sentence BIO.

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If you choose to master YouTube then keep in mind that you will need to work with Lady Algorithm and not against her. Help her by creating consistent, niched-down content with a specific viewer in mind. In doing so, she will match your content with pre-qualified interested parties.

Once again, what is it about you that is different? Identify that THING and don't be scared to exploit it, nail it into your core message, and cement it in the same wall as your brand promises. JUST BE YOU!


Case Study: I have chosen to become an online business coach. My 'window dressing' is enhanced via my YouTube channel and my blog. My brand promise is this: I Help Others Visualize, Create & Kick-Start Their Online Business.

I am in the process of creating a membership site for aspiring entrepreneurs. A virtual hub where we can all exchange ideas and promote each other.

One of my goals is to collaborate online with numerous industry experts, and in doing so also expose my audience to them.

Testimonials are worth GOLD.

The moment you have super happy customers you should start asking them for testimonials.

This will enhance your Know-Like-& Trust feeling from other potential clients and it becomes a positive cycle of a beautiful win-win situation.

Remember my friend; Your Brand should be focused on your client and not on you. Yes, it is important to have a style of clothing and a beautiful online studio, but that is just the fluff around your problem-solving product or service.

Your Personal Brand should be remembered for what it does and not how you look. Now, go out into the world and be the best entrepreneur you can be!

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