Predict the future, Create it yourself.

Sometimes people look at other successful individuals thinking that success came to them because they had money from the beginning. Or because they are well built or beautiful or whatever excuse they can come up with to justify to themselves why they are not successful.

Predict the future, Create it yourself.
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Let’s focus on successful individuals. Famous sports stars, well-known business people and the determined owners of newly formed start-ups, to name a few. What do they have in common? They told themselves that failure is not an option and that they must do everything in their power to succeed.

Sometimes people look at other successful individuals thinking that success came to them because they had money from the beginning. Or because they are well built or beautiful or whatever excuse they can come up with to justify to themselves why they are not successful.

Of course, there are rare cases where individuals inherited money or they got a so-called lucky break with a casting agency, BUT that is not the norm. 99% Of successful people worked very hard for their success. They were willing to do what the people lying on the couch were not willing to do. They were willing to say no to distractions and YES to future success.

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Now, we all have a choice; we can adopt a Lottery mindset and wait for ‘something’ to happen that will propel us into financial success Or we could take certain steps that would positively influence our future. By doing that we will create our beautiful future. We won’t dream of a better future; we will create our dream future.

Ask yourself this;

1.         What can I do right now that could have a positive influence on my future?

2.         What can I do tomorrow that could have a positive influence on my future?

3.         What can I do next week, next month etc, you get the picture?

So, right now, today you can decide to commit to a better future. Right now, today you can decide to stop smoking, stop binge drinking and stop wasting time with things and activities that do not bring you closer to your end goal. You can decide to change your life!

Tomorrow you can start with your new fitness program. Tomorrow you can start with your new diet plan. Tomorrow you can start to write the first page of your new book, your business plan or your new investment strategy!

Next week you can already look back at 7 days of no smoking, no binge drinking and you will hold in your hands the first chapter of your book or the business plan of your start-up. Next week you could potentially celebrate the New YOU.

What is the magic ingredient? ACTION!

You need to take action to start your journey. Nelson Mandela said that a long journey starts with the first step. So, you need to take that step, TODAY!!!!

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WHAT IS YOUR END GOAL? Your end goal is to have Freedom. The Freedom to live a life on your terms and without the pressure of answering to a boss who is watching your every move. Freedom means that you can travel when and where you want. Freedom means that you can attend every sports event for your children. Freedom means that you can provide for your family, continuously without the worry of salary increases or the rising inflation rate.

How is this possible? With multiple streams of income. The opposite of the life of a salary earner. There is a growing number of people that are part of this almost exclusive club of entrepreneurs that have succeeded in building multiple streams of income. The result is an automated income that they can manage from anywhere in the world.

Their monthly income does not require them to be at the same time in the same place during business hours. Location-independent financial magic, I call it!

So, what are these multiple streams of income? Well, it could be a menu of different strategies used by entrepreneurs. Some of the most popular are, of course, real estate portfolios, investment portfolios and different online business opportunities that could ultimately lead to an automated income.

With a laptop and an internet connection, anybody can create an e-commerce website and sell almost anything to potential buyers across the globe. Organic marketing via a blog or YouTube channel makes it super easy to drive traffic to their websites and if it’s not enough then FB and Google are happy to help them with paid advertising.

So, if you own a small apartment that you rent out, you have quarterly dividends from your investments and your e-commerce store is supplying products across the world then your freedom is coming closer and closer. Once you have 4 apartments, your investment portfolio has grown and you are running 3 e-commerce stores then you could start planning retirement. Remember the above are examples of many other ways to create automated income, BUT……..

How do you get there? You see, you need to start somewhere. This is where the majority of people give up on their dreams. Is it too much hard work to write the business plan, too hard to start exercising, too hard to save up for that first apartment, too hard to take a chance and become an entrepreneur?

It’s just so easy to sit on the couch and watch another Netflix series.

It’s just so easy to order another food delivery and wash it down with another bottle of wine.

It’s just so easy to gossip at other people and criticize them when they start their journeys in the business world.

It’s just so easy to say: “I will worry about retirement later”.

It’s just so easy to NOT create the future that you want.

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Focus my friend, your future is in your hands. You can create your future. Successful sportsmen, entrepreneurs and business owners are all people that told themselves; ‘failure is not an option.

There is a beautiful world ‘out there, please don’t let it go unnoticed. Don’t be a slave to ‘the system’ and think that you will travel once you retire at the age of 70.

What are you able to do TODAY that will help you to create a positive financial future? Well, one of the things you can do is to realize that there is power in collaboration. DO NOT adopt a mindset of being alone against the world, that will not work. Freely give and freely receive. If you have any tips and tricks then share them with the people in your industry and before long, others will start to share their tips and tricks with you. Everybody wins.

Seek out successful individuals in your industry and ask them to engage in a collaborative effort with you. Organize an event together, record a podcast together or film a YouTube video together. By doing this you will expose each other to new clients and make new friends. Don’t be scared to GIVE and don’t feel that you are not cool enough to receive, that’s what it’s all about.

Multiple income streams are possible. Predict your future by creating it yourself.

Go out in the world and be THE BEST ENTREPRENEUR THAT YOU CAN BE!   ;-)

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