Start & TurboCharge Your Own Blog Website!

Start & TurboCharge Your Own Blog Website!
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Is blogging dead? No, it’s one of the BEST way to earn money online. Combined with all the spin-offs that a great blogging website create; you could be well on your way to riding the digital highway of success.

Blogging is not dead, in fact, it has become a GIANT.

Here are a few tips that could help you along your journey:

#1 Create your online business.

It is best to spend a little money and get a website instead of

You need to do this for two reasons; A, it looks more professional and B, when you apply with ad agencies to monetize your blog, they will all ask you if you have a self-hosted site.

Whether you use WordPress, Squarespace, or Ghost, it is best to use one of the professional 'themes' that come with the platforms as opposed to trying to design your own. Don't spend too much time deciding on the colors of your buttons and logos – rather start creating content as soon as possible.

Another trap that could be demotivating is to compare yourself to successful bloggers and forget that they have been doing it for ten years and have tons of experience. They too started with zero subscribers and an empty screen with a blinking cursor.

Be careful when choosing your niche – if you're not THAT interested in it yourself, you will hit a wall pretty soon.

It is recommended that the niche you choose should be a topic that you find interesting as well. Ask yourself this: What do I love to talk about? What am I constantly googling and researching? What do other people come to me for advice? The answer to these questions is your niche topic that could be the core of your website.

Some of the most profitable blogging niches are:

- Fashion & Beauty      

- Business & Marketing

- Automated Income.

- Health & Fitness.

- Personal Finance.

Once you have committed to a specific niche, then it is super important to create a writing and posting schedule for yourself and stick to it with military precision. This will be the fuel that will get your airplane off the tarmac. Continuously brainstorm ideas for your content calendar in advance. Consider Blog-Mini-Series, 'How To' tutorials, Info write-ups, and deep-dive research articles relevant to your niche.

Work according to a structure; Hook – Value Content – Conclusion
Ask questions or make shock value statements in your headings that will create curiosity from your reader's perspective.

While structuring your blog – ask yourself this:

- What is the main purpose of this article?

- Why anybody would want to read my blog? Write in a conversational style as if you are explaining something to a good friend.


TOP TIP – Include Statistics / Pictures / Video links / Reference links / Bullet Points

Within some of the blog platforms, you can design a 'template' that you can follow for a certain type of article.

For an info article on a product, you could follow this structure:

- What it does:    

- Why is it useful:

- Who is it for:

- Tutorial:

- Statistics:

# 2 Find Your Rhythm.

Once you have the above in order it's time to put in the work and write amazing, searchable, and valuable content. It is best to keep your paragraphs short and the entire post should be easily 'scannable' by a reader's eyes to find relevant points that they are interested in. If it's one big dragged-out piece of text then readers will lose interest and click out of your site.

It's a good idea to enlarge the text of certain sentences to draw attention to a certain point or you could use a 'pull-out quote' to highlight it more.

When writing an article that needs to reflect 'buyers' intent, (info write-up on a car or high-ticket item) be sure to use pictures, graphs, instructions, and different pricing options. Write with the reader in mind. Take him by the hand and walk him through his decision-making process.

Research all articles in-depth and remember to include any referral links.

#3 Monetization

You would need a lot of monthly page views before major ad agencies such as AdThrive and MediaVine will consider you, but it is worth aiming for that. Google AdSense pays very little and it's best to not even go there.

Research and sign up to top affiliate companies such as ShareASale and start to marry their affiliate links with your blog posts. Use affiliate links that are CONNECTED to the post you're writing about. Nobody wants to read your blog about the best mattresses for ultimate comfort and then you embed affiliate links for big tickets items such as flat-screen televisions. You should promote links that will take them to sites that specialize in mattresses. So, don't be a sleazy salesman, just be honest and genuine with the products that you promote. Boost products that you would use yourself.

Methods of Monetization:

  • Affiliate links.
  • Advertising companies.
  • Promoting your online digital products through your blog.
  • Promoting your merchandise and drop-shipping store through your blog.
  • Creating a membership site with monthly payments.
  • Corporate sponsorship.

Your blog website could become the glue that keeps all of these different aspects of an online business together. The more you research and understand the potential of a successful online business the more sleepless nights you will have! (because of the electrifying excitement that will rush through your veins)

Starting a blog is your way out of the corporate world. So, just start!
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In conclusion:

Once you have decided to start your blogging adventure it could quickly feel as if you are drowning if you don't have a structure in place. Here is a summary of the strategies above!


- Set up your site.

- Write 100-150 Articles. (within 4 months)

- Compliment your site with social media. (FB-Pinterest)

- Create your own YouTube channel to complement your Blog website.


- Research Affiliate programs and other monetization methods.

- Stick to a regular publication schedule.

- Become known within your industry – join social groups relevant to your niche.

- Start your email list.

- Start to create your digital product(s) that you could potentially market through your blog.

- Perfect your webinar sales funnel to sell your digital product via your YouTube Channel and blog website.

Design an 'ultimate' content mix:

- Start with blog posts where you answer a specific question. What do people search for online? Answer; Solutions to their problems. These posts would normally be about 1500 words.

- Upgrade to posts where you would still write 'response posts', but spice up the content and add more in-depth knowledge. 2500 Words.

- Finally, you can start dabbling with 'ultimate research' articles that include a lot of information & added multi-media to enhance the reader's experience. 3000 Words.

Scale your business:

- Finalize and launch your digital product. (E-Book/Online course)

- Promote them via your blog website as well as on YouTube and Pinterest

- Consider Starting a second website with another niche topic.

- Consider on-boarding another writer and grow your team.

- Consider on-boarding a virtual assistant that could help you with editing videos, proofreading articles and other, general admin jobs.

- Remember to start working ON your business and not IN your business.

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