Worker Bee vs FREEDOM

The biggest part of the worker bee mindset is the dependence on a monthly salary.

Worker Bee vs FREEDOM
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You Have the Ability To Choose…

Do you ever think to yourself;





You see, when you are EMPLOYED, you are trading time for money.

Yes, you can climb the corporate ladder and if you are lucky, you will reach the corner office, but you are still trading time for money and you are still answering to a board of directors.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people never reach the corner office.

The vast majority of people work until the day they die!

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Do you want to work and answer to a boss until the day you die?

Of course, you don't.

But you see social conditioning has got a grip on us, squeezing us into a bottle where we end up living until we are 95.

Do you want to live in a bottle until you are 95?

Of course, you don't.

But what is the ALTERNATIVE?

THE ALTERNATIVE is to create multiple streams of income.

Stop lying on the couch, stop drinking another 6 pack and stop wasting your life!

Get up from the couch, put on that running shoes and hit the road.

If you want to change your life, then DO IT. It starts here; in your head.

Do you know what is so amazing about your future?

YOU can predict it?

Wait, really?

YES! You can predict it by the actions you take today!

Now let's speak about one of my favorite subjects, 'The System'. A set of unwritten rules was laid down by The Elite in order to enslave the masses. The same people that made sure that Nicola Tesla's discoveries never saw the light of day and that electric car production was kept under wraps until very recently. Why is this? Money-Power & Greed of course.

You see, the old monetary system was designed to keep the masses caught up in a death debt spiral and they have made sure that it will be very difficult to get out.

Where does that leave me and you?

Well, it leaves us in front of a big question mark. A choice we have to make.

1. Do we accept our fate and become worker bees within The System? Working until the day we die?

2. Do we try to fight the system only to realize that it is a fight we will never win. The result is a miserable life littered with lost battles and bitterness in our hearts and eyes.

3. We beat the system, not fight it. There is a difference, if you fight the system you will lose.

What is The System?

It is a grand plan designed by a select few to favour only the elite and enslave the masses.

You see, the elite realized that the average human being is very gullible and easily influenced. The average human being will run after the bling-bling of the world in a heartbeat, buying things they don't need with money they don't have.

The elite knew that they would be able to control the masses with tobacco, alcohol, drugs and good old consumerism on steroids. Debt would become the norm in many households while the bankers would rule them with an iron fist.

The bankers knew that if they could dumb down the nations and keep the knowledge for themselves then they would rule The System. If you walk into a bank there is a big banner that says: "Your best life now! – apply for a credit card today!" In actual fact, the banner should read: "Apply for a credit card today! Buy things you don't need and then be in financial bondage to us for the rest of your life!"

In other words: Bankers = wolves in sheep's clothing!

How do we beat The System?

We need to live IN the world but not ENTERTAIN the world.

We need to move away from materialism and move toward minimalism.

We need to move away from overindulgence and move toward fitness.

We need to get out of debt and stay out of debt.

The biggest weapons we have are knowledge and self-control!

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You see, my friend, the system will not change. The game plan of our enemy will not change. But YOU can change! You have the ability to change your mindset and your outlook on life. The System has not been designed to only 'get you', no the system was designed to get all of us. But YOU have the choice to say no to the agenda of The System and live life on a different wavelength.

The biggest part of the worker bee mindset is the dependence on a monthly salary.

Trading time for money. Trading time for money…and of course being very thankful when you get a few days' holidays at the end of the year so that you could spend your hard-earned money on THINGS that you don't need.

So, we need to get away from the salary scenario and move toward a system of automated income that does not require you to be in a specific place for a specific period of time. We need to create multiple sources of income that would ultimately give us freedom.

The freedom to travel when and where we want. The freedom to be the best version of ourselves and the freedom to find our true passion in life.

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Now go out in the world and be the best entrepreneur you can be.


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