Would YOU like to have more ENERGY?

Would YOU like to have more ENERGY?
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You are busy, I get it.

You don't have time to focus on elaborate diet plans that promote smashed avocado on health bread topped with mango slices and mint leaves! I mean, who eats that?

But if you don't look after your body, you won't be able to be a busy-body in the future. You might be chained to a hospital bed unable even to think about flirting with the pretty nurse.

It is the dilemma of being faced with first-world problems. Everything is 'instant', from instant noodles and pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes to all sorts of other creature comforts available to be shipped to you overnight with only a few keyboard strokes and the click of your mouse.

Yes, your local grocery store stock the most amazing goodies, but all those yummy goodies are packed full of unpronounceable evil things to give it a long shelf life. You feed them to your body over a few years and then you wonder why you are struggling with certain health issues? It's time to clean your system. Your engine needs a major service, so please make sure you go to a well-known workshop and not a backyard mechanic that only wants to service your wallet.

Consider this: while you are sleeping your body is silently praying: "Dear YOU, please give me less salt, less sugar, less processed mambo jumbo. Fresh and Organic is best. Amen."


Don't fall into the trap of comfort food, because if you do your body will find the best lawyer in town and you will find yourself in the courtroom with a lot of explaining to do! I know it's nice to chill on the couch with beer and pizza (3rd time this week), I know it's nice to indulge in the second helping of lasagna on that cold winter's night, and doing so in moderation is OK, but do we do it in moderation? We don't.

In his book, Complete Nutrition, Dr. Michael Sharon, starts by saying: "Modern supermarket food is becoming poorer by the day…" Does this surprise you? They look yummy because they are designed for a long shelf life while being sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides and losing Vitamins A, B, and C.

Fast food and mass-produced grocery-store stuff will drain your energy and force you into court where your body is standing waiting for you, backed up by an entire legal team from hell which in return is backed up by Big Pharma. Seriously, have you given it any thought? Are you the guy climbing the corporate ladder at record speed with a lamb chop in your mouth, a bottle of whisky in your briefcase, and a chocolate cake balanced on your head?

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Do you want to get your energy back?

Then listen closely; ditch the alcohol, avoid processed food, run away from sugar, and cut down on your coffee. They might give you a temporary burst of energy but in the long run, they drain your body and make you sluggish. You don't want to pitch up on a Monday morning at the boardroom table looking like a 'HoolaBalooga' that just came back from Burning Man, do you? No, not you!

You want to rock up at the boardroom table looking like the latest, golden brown, fashion drunk, Italian Instagram star ready for world domination! That's you!

You don't want to poison your body with mass-produced processed foods and eggs from deformed hens in battery cages, do you? No, not you!

You want to shop at the organic market and sniff out eggs from sexy hens raised on pasture and love. That's You.

You don't want to be 'that guy that drinks a six-pack of beer and the bottle of whisky at the party. Ending up half-naked in the Koi-pond with the accountant's wife? No, that's not you!

You are the guy that elegantly sips on one drink the entire night, has meaningful conversations with high-flying people, and possibly close a deal or two. That's who you are!
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You should be the guy considering to become a minimalist. Now, I don't mean to go out and sell everything you own, but there is something about the carefree way minimalists dance around in society. Almost as if there is nothing that drags them down. Does your materialistic STUFF, drag you down? Does the fear of losing your materialistic stuff drain your energy levels? Take a long hard look at the stuff in your life and make decisions. I always say that if you have not worn it or used it in the last 6 months then it's time to let go of it. The amazing act of giving to others is a secret energy boost that few people know about. So, in our pursuit of spiked energy levels, we need to de-clutter our lives while we are nurturing our bodies.

In his book, Clean & Lean Diet, James Duigan, tells us that the human body wants to be slim, lean, and healthy, that's it's natural state. Now that is great food for thought, however I believe that a combination of consumerism, advertising campaigns, and the local ice cream manufacturer's personal vendetta against me got my body out of shape. So, I did more research.

You are looking to UP your energy levels, right?

You want to avoid tooth decay, high blood pressure, depression, and heart disease, right?

Then man-up and avoid the bacon, baked beans, and beer. If you do, you might get a lean and tight body to show on the beach and impress others. Do some regular exercise routines throughout the week. Remember, short and consistent exercise routines are best.

Consider fruit, muesli, yogurt, oats, almond butter, and sourdough bread for breakfast.

If you have to drink coffee, then limit it to one cup (no sugar – remember the legal team from hell waiting in the courtroom)

When you feel hungry at 11 am please don't act like the 'Hoolabalooga' guy and eat a pepper steak pie from the filling station, no. Snack on avocado or dare I say a salad sprinkled with roasted butternut cubes and some nuts. I know it sounds crazy, but try it.

It is OK to indulge in our Mama-Sunday-Roast and pudding, of course. Just don't do it every day. When we eat 80% of the time like focused people that are concerned about our health, it's amazing. Then it's OK to enjoy life's little sweet things.

If you want to go full commando then avoid all soft drinks and start drinking water! While you're at it you might as well limit your meat intake and make sure there are more veggies on your plate than anything else.

Now we are going somewhere, we are on our way to greatness!

Come with me, let's jog to the store and buy you a juicer, your body will love you for it. For the super busy-bodies, you might consider stocking up on some vitamins and if you want to dive deeper into healthy eating then consider the books of Dr. Michael and James Duigan.

Armed with your new diet plan, consistent exercise, 8 hours sleep, no Netflix, and a pot full of tea you will rise in the morning feeling like Thor, the god of thunder! When you walk into the board room, they will all tremble with fear and admiration. Dragon Ball Z, the Energy Ball has arrived! Make way for the King of Nutrition, make way for the Clean & Lean Diet Dude that's about to take over the world!

That's who you are!

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